7 tips for studying at home

Oamk closed its campuses and studying is now happening remotely. Libraries, cafés and other alternative places to study are either closed or you shouldn’t go there to study otherwise. Therefore students are studying at home.

Sudden change to working only at home may shake your studying routines. At this blog you can find 7 tips to ease up the remote studies.

1. Merry Morning Routines

Start your day nicely by setting an alarm, eating breakfast and changing out of the pajamas into regular day clothes like usually. This way you can orientate yourself for studies, get the day’s work done efficiently and spend the evening doing something you enjoy.

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2. Soothing Studying Spot

Choose one spot you ca use only for studies and avoid it at other times if possible. You can for example sit at a particular spot on the dinner table when studying and sit elsewhere otherwise. Make sure your studying spot is tidy, calm and free of clutter.

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3. Disturbing Distractions

In order to sooth your studying environment you should pay attention to both the digital and physical working environment. Disable the notifications on your computer and on your phone and avoid checking your e-mails in the middle of studies. Beeping smartphone and incoming notifications always disrupt the focus, and it takes some time to get it back.

4. Success with Scheduling

Start your day or week by coming up with a schedule/timetable and hold onto it. Reserve certain time of the day for studying and enjoy the free time after it.

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5. Balance with Breaks

Human ability to focus is limited and therefore it’s important to take breaks. Get up your seat and walk around a little bit. On your break you can for example make coffee, call your grandparents, fill in the washing machine or do sudoku. It’s also important to take time for the lunch break and eat well.

6. Fantastic Free Time

It’s easier to enjoy your free time, when there is specific time reserved for studies. Even though there are now quite a few limitations on what you can do on your free time, not everything is forbidden. Watch a movie you’ve wanted to see, listen to the newest album of your favorite artist, take a walk or try out a new recipe.

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7. Praise Patience

Give yourself enough time to get used to this new situation and don’t be too hard on yourself. It may take a while to get a hang of new ways of studying and it’s ok. Just do what you can – it’s enough.

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