OSAKO follows updates about coronavirus epidemic and follows the official guidelines

Student Union OSAKO follows the development of coronavirus epidemic actively. We will act according to official guidelines and recommendations of the authorities.

Current issues about Coronavirus and contingency at Oamk

Oulu University of Applied Sciences has published instructions for students and staff. The page includes useful links, contact information and info about the virus, travelling and how to prevent the virus. You can also find information about how to act if you suspect you might have coronavirus infection.

”The most effective way to prevent a coronavirus and any other respiratory infection is to take care of good hand hygiene. Therefore you should was your hands carefully and often with water and soap. If these are not available, use alcohol-based hand disinfectants. Hand disinfectant is available on Oamk’s campuses.”

You should pay attention that you wash your hands correctly. Website of Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) has been under a lot of traffic, so here’s instructions for proper washing with pictures.

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You can find full instructions of Oamk in Oiva:  https://oiva.oamk.fi/ajankohtaista/uutiset/?kieli=en&kid=68&id=64660

You can also find the update article in Oiva: https://oiva.oamk.fi/ajankohtaista/uutiset/?kieli=en&kid=68&id=64824

Public corona website of Oamk: oamk.fi/coronavirus

OSAKO keeps on following the situation

Student union follows updates on corona virus actively. We will also keep in contact with Oamk and SAMOK. OSAKO wants to act in a responsible way and keep the health and safety of our students first. We aim to help keeping students updated about the situation and changes in it.

Changes in student events

The Finnish government announced restrictions and recommendations about public events yesterday. Also Oamk will cancel all big events and seminars until the end of May. Some student events have already been cancelled in Oulu. Unfortunately, also OSAKO cancels the Ranua trip this Saturday the 14.3. No decisions has been made about upcoming events this Spring, but we will inform about then as soon as possible.

Remember to wash your hands and cough towards your armpit! Even if you didn’t belong to any risk groups someone else around you might.

Anni Pirttimaa
Chairperson of the board
+358 50 317 4937

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