Executive board

Jussi-Tapio Selkälä


Advocacy work, educational affairs, Linnanmaa campus, Oulainen campus

p. +358 50 317 4937

Emma Hannonen


Advocacy work, educational affairs, degree programme teams, well-being tutoring

+358 50 317 4936

Nina Lyytikäinen


Event and business cooperation, OSAKO’s Culture Team


Teemu Rajala

Board Member

Educational affairs, advocacy work


Máté Gulyás

Board Member

International affairs, international tutoring, OSAKO’s International Team, sustainable development and environment, OSAKO’s Sustainable Development Team


Inka Niskanen

Board Member

Tutoring, international tutoring, flexible study tutoring, experience tutoring
OSAKO’s Tutoring Team


Matti Koskela

Board member

Social affairs, sports and well-being, OSAKO’s Sports and Welfare Team, harassment contact persons, students with children


Tapio Korhonen

Secretary General

Student cards, Administration, Opportunities for cooperation

p. +35850 317 4933

Elli Tervo


Communications, International affairs, Friend Family Programme

p. +35850 317 4935

Looking for someone else? Contact information of body of representatives can be found here, election committee here and harassment contact persons here.

Service points

There are five student organizations in Oulu UAS. Offices of these student organizations are also OSAKO’s service points. Visit your service point to pick up your new student card or buy tickets to OSAKO’s events.


OSAKO’s office

Kotkantie 1, 90250 Oulu (Oamk Kotkantie campus)

Office hours: Mon-Thu 10:00-16:00, Fri closed

For any exceptions, please check the latest news.

Kotkantie campus

Engineering: OTE‘s shop (main lobby)

Natural resources: Luva‘s office (1st floor, section F)

Media and performing arts: Kultti‘s office (2nd floor, near Galleria O)

Teuvo Pakkalan katu campus

Outo‘s office and Café Càrma (lowermost floor)

Kontinkangas campus

OSASTO‘s office (1st floor lobby)

Business owner! Would you like to work together?

Student Union OSAKO represents the 8500 students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. There are several options for companies and organizations to reach our students. The prices for ads are listed in OSAKO’s media card (in Finnish). If you’re interested in advertising your services to Oulu UAS students or would like to have more information in English, please contact OSAKO’s Secretary General.


A banner on OSAKO’s website is an effective way to reach the students. The banner serves as a direct link to your company’s website. If your company is interested in offering benefits for OSAKO members, your contact information will be added to the list of benefits on OSAKO’s website. Students find their way to OSAKO’s website also via our Facebook page, which has more than 4000 followers.

Student benefits

Together with local companies, OSAKO offers benefits for its members. All partners are listed in student card benefits. OSAKO informs students about new benefits  in its newsletter, which is sent to all Oulu UAS students every second week. Members of OSAKO can be identified by a student card issued by University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK.


Throughout the year, OSAKO organises several parties and outdoor events which 300-1700 students attend. Sponsors are promoted when marketing the event and/or at the venue.

Give feedback

Is there something wrong with your studies? Would you like to say thank you to OSAKO for the great party last weekend? You’ve come to the right place.+

Here you can say whatever is on your mind. You may withhold your name.

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Tapio Korhonen

Secretary General

p. +35850 317 4933

I’m here to make sure that ordered student cards reach their owners and OSAKO’s systems are working properly. It’s my job to maintain the best opportunities for board members and others to work at OSAKO: I keep all the files in order and take care of office and its daily routines.

I have done my studies at OUAS and been working at the student union for over ten years. Even though sometimes I feel a bit old in this field, the best part of my job is to work with young people. In my free time I try to keep up after my daughter and after she has gone to bed, I may play a little guitar.

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Elli Tervo


p. +35850 317 4935

Ciao! My name is Elli, and I’m working as a specialist in communication and international affairs at OSAKO. I’m from Kajaani, a city nearly 200 kilometers east from Oulu. I ended up in Oulu after few years spent in Vaasa, where I studied my degree.

In my free time I like to have all sorts of projects. My last project was my master’s thesis, which is finally coming to its end: maybe I can finally graduate? My next project – I don’t have a clue what is gonna be. I know that is gonna be something, because I always have to have some project going on.

Fun fact: I consider my self as a professional mover: five years that I spent in Vaasa, I moved nine times.

Our partners

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