Friend Family Programme 2018: apply!

Have you heard of Friend Family Programme? It’s this amazing thing that student union OSAKO and Oulu University of Applied Sciences organize together. It’s a unique opportunity for degree students from abroad to get to know Finnish culture, family life and everything related to that, with an actual Finnish family. Whilst you learn a lot from them about Finland, Oulu and everything other, they also learn from you in return.

Even though international degree students get their own “family” in Oulu via Friend Family Programme, it’s not even remotely the same as host families in exchanges in high school. Friend Family Programme is a connection between adults, who want to learn more about other cultures and share something from their own culture. It’s also a way for students to feel more homelike in Oulu, when they get to spend some familytime with Finnish families.

Want to read some experiences from previous years?

Students’ experiences

“The best thing was dinner time with Finnish food. The atmosphere was so warm that I felt like at home.”

”What I liked the most is when we had lunch and talked together like a family. A real family. That means a lot to a foreign student like me.”

“Best was having new friends and understanding Finnish culture better.”

Families’ experiences

”The best thing was to learn about a new culture and get to know the student. Our friend student liked our children, so the children were waiting for the visits as well.”

”Best was to discuss the cultural differences and features, as well as the politeness of the students.”

“We discussed and cooked and baked together. One of the students went to sauna and the other one played with the kids.”

”Best was to learn about a different culture and get to know the life of someone coming from abroad. It was nice to make trips together and give the student an opportunity to get to know our life. It was great to see how the student liked to watch our kids play and enjoyed being a part of a “normal” Finnish family.”

So – what are you waiting for? Make the best decision and apply for Friend Family Programme! The best scenario is that you make life long connections with your friend family or student via this programme. If you have any questions, please contact OSAKO’s specialist in communication and international affairs Elli Tervo. Her contact info are here.

Apply for Friend Family Programme here.

More information about the programme at OUAS study guide here.

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