FSHS and universities of applied sciences students – where are we now?

What changes in FSHS 2021? Who are affected by the change? Who pays what? We gathered a little information package about current situation and progress of FSHS changes.

Many of you have most likely heard the news about upcoming changes in Finnish Student Health Service FSHS. New government bill on healthcare for university students will come into force on January 1st 2021. This means that since beginning of 2021 the services of FSHS will apply also students in universities of applied sciences. Currently FSHS only takes care of health care of students in universities. This change will double the number of customers using FSHS’s services (270 000 students).

There have been a lot of preparation for the changes already. During this year they will be acquiring and renovating suitable spaces for service units and recruiting staff. Currently Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) is deciding whether to approve the new service network. Kela will be acting as the producer of student health care whereas FSHS will organize the services in practice.

In January of 2021 all students who are registered as attending students are eligible to use FSHS’s services. This includes international degree students, but unfortunately international exchange students cannot use the services.

When it comes to covering the charges, the government takes care of 77 % of the costs and the remaining 23 % will be covered by students. Kela will be charging a health care fee from all the students who are registered as attending students. The exact amount of the fee will be confirmed soon. All the details will be communicated to students better during next Autumn.

Many issues require a visit at a service point, but some issues can be handled online using remote connection. FSHS is currently developing its local services, remote services and online services in order to make them fluent and of good quality. Even though there will be several channels for services and some of the services will be provided by partners, it is enough for the student to just contact FSHS. Professionals in FSHS will guide the student to right services, so students themselves don’t need to know which service is offered by who.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes in student health care feel free to contact the vice chair of OSAKO board Sami Luukela sami.luukela@osakoweb.fi.

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