Going Abroad: Austria

Our new Going Abroad blogger Janne Heinikoski shares his thoughts and feelings about going abroad for an exchange and about the application process there. Explore the amazing views of Austria during the Spring together with Janne by reading OSAKO’s blog and following Janne on Instagram.


My name is Janne Heinikoski and I’m a third-year student from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. I‘m studying for a bachelor’s degree on information technology. When I started my studies at Oamk I had a clear goal to apply for exchange studies. With the encouragement from older students and other people that had experienced exchange semesters abroad, I decided to apply to Austria through the Erasmus program.

During the application period I felt very stressed about my curriculum, because I didn’t know how the exchange semester would affect my ongoing studies here in Oulu. After meeting my head of degree and other teachers I was convinced that everything can be arranged when I get back from Austria. The cooperation with our international team and the host university in Austria was fluent. There were times when emails and answers were pending but with adding some contribution and being very active, we got the paper work done on time.

When I received the acceptance letter, I got very excited. In addition, I got an accommodation offer for a student house which locates next to the school. After accepting the accommodation, I booked my flights to Vienna where I continue my journey to the city of Kapfenberg in which the FH Joanneum campus locates. Now begins the most frustrating time, which is waiting for the trip to begin. My journey begins on Valentine’s day, so I’ve got a good amount of time to plan about what luggage I need etc.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram: “Jannhein”. On top of that I’ll be delivering blogposts every month to OSAKO’s blog.

Best regards,

Janne Heinikoski

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