Going Abroad: On the road again

May has been full of adventures now that the travelling restrictions inside Austria have started to open again – I’ve made sure that I would travel and still make the most of my stay.

The first trip of the month was to Schladming. There’s a huge ski resort that is surrounded by the biggest mountains of the region. We made our way up to a mountain called “Planai” (1900 m) and we were greeted with some nice views.

Snowy mountain view

After Schladming we made our way to a village near by Kapfenberg called Oberort – Home for one of the classic tourist attractions of Austria called Grüner See (Green lake). As the name says it the lake water looks green, but the water is also completely clear. The lake is surrounded with some magnificent rock formations.

You can see a couple of houses on the edges of grassy meadow. Behind the meadow there are trees and a mountain behind them.
Tragöß Oberort

The temperature started to build towards +20 °C and swimming sounded like a good idea, so we decided to make a trip to a lake called Leopoldsteinersee. We were planning on renting a boat for an hour or two, but the owner of the boat rental was kind enough to give us the boat for the whole day. We went across the lake to the beach where we took a swim, had lunch and enjoyed the weather. Even though the water was under 10 degrees warm, it would not stop us from swimming!

Two people are standing on a gravel beach and there is a boat on the water. Behind the lake you can see a hill covered with trees and a mountain. There are some clouds at the blue sky.

The next week we decided to make a fast hike to one of the biggest mountains of the region. We made our way to the mountain with a bus and started our ascent towards the peak (2200 m). The hiking path was covered in snow and considering how steep the incline was – things were starting to get dangerous. On top of that the weather changed in minutes so it started to rain. Still, we decided to continue slowly to the top. Eventually reaching the peak of the mountain – we were greeted by the local wildlife and some nice views.

Partly snowy back of a mountain. There is a cross on top of the peak further away and quite a large cabin closer by.
Eisenerzer Reichenstein

The next week I was invited to a hike by the locals. We gathered a group consisting of Austrian-, Mexican-, and Dutch people and headed towards Fölzstein. The place seemed to be known only by the locals, because it could only be reached with a car through a narrow forest road. The ascent up to Fölzstein was flawless and at the top we were greeted with a panorama view over Styria. On the way back we would stop at an Alpine hut for beers and enjoy the scenery before returning to Kapfenberg.

 Views from the top of Fölzstein – Mitteralmturm peak with the cross (Every mountain has its own cross, which indicates the peak)
Views from the top of Fölzstein – Mitteralmturm peak with the cross (Every mountain has its own cross, which indicates the peak)

Finally came the time to leave from Styria and head towards Salzburg area. We planned a trip to Zell am See so that we would arrive there as late as possible and hike all night long – without any accommodation. We gathered exchange students from the city of Graz as well.

The trip had some incidents on the way, and we had to improvise quite a lot. It all started when 1 person wouldn’t even make it to the first train. Still, we pursued on the original plan and continued towards Bischofshofen, where we would have changed to another train. Then a technical problem occurred with our first train and our 5-minute time window for the change of trains was gone. We arrived to Bischofshofen just to find out that the next train to Zell am See runs after 2 hours. So, we decided to go for a restaurant in the city and enjoy some local food before the hike.

2 hours passed by and we were on our way to Zell am See. Bluetooth speaker was blasting Dire Straits while we started our 10km walk to the top. Eventually we reached the top (around 2000m) and we were greeted with a nice sunrise and a view over Zell am See.

Schmittenhöhe, Zell am See 

At this point we had been awake for +20 h and we had around 18 km of walking behind – which caused our pace on the descent to be quite slow. We had around 2 km left when we realized that we are not going to make it to the train on time – Which caused us to run down the valley, through fields filled with cows to eventually reach the train. I have to say the atmosphere in the train was quite sleepy after that adventure..

– Janne

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