Kela approved new service network for 2021

Finnish Student Health Service FSHS and Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela signed a contract about health care of students in higher education last week. They also confirmed the new service network for 2021.

Please note, that all the changes mentioned in this blog won’t be valid until 1.1.2021 when the new government bill on healthcare for university students will come into force. Until the beginning of next year UAS-students can use student health care provided by their city.

Service network demonstrates where FSHS will provide its services next year (since 1.1.2021), when their services become accessible also to students in universities of applied sciences. Key to the changes has been equality and that services will be accessible and available for all of the customers of FSHS. Due to new legislation also the current payment methods will change.

The number of service units will increase

The new service network was formed based of specific criteria:

– With at least 2000 students there will be a service unit of FSHS

– With at least 4000 students the service unit of FSHS will also include oral health care services

– Travel time to service unit cannot be any longer than 45 minutes with public transport and transport frequency must be at least once per hour

– Price for one-way ticket is around 7 euros

The criteria for oral health services are a bit more loose, since those services aren’t used as often as others: travel time with public transport cannot be longer than an hour, transport frequency is at least once per two hours and the price of one-way ticket is around 10 euros.

Based on these criteria services of FSHS will be provided in 52 cities (currently in 18). The number of the FSHS’s own service points will increase from 12 units to 21 units. In smaller towns services will be provided by partners.

Same range of services for all

Services will be accessible for all students in higher education equally despite where they study or if services are provided by FSHS’s own unit or by a partner. Around 95 % of all students will be within a scope of FSHS’s own service unit and only 5 % within a scope of the service units run by partners.

All students can use service units of FSHS freely, but service units of partners can be used only by students who study in that city. One example is that if you are completing your practical training in some other city than Oulu (since 1.1.2021), you can use the FSHS service unit of that city, providing they have one. In Oulu the services of FSHS will be available in Linnanmaa at the same location they are now . During this year they will be preparing for the change by renovating.

Changes in payment policies

Previously the student unions of universities took care of FSHS fees. In the beginning of next year students will pay the obligatory tax-like fee to Kela. The fee is determined by a Government Decree. As we mentioned in our previous blog, 23 % of the funding will be paid by students and the remaining 77 % by the government. The specific amount of the fee is determined annually. Current estimate about the fee for whole academic year of 2021 is around 70-80 €.

Currently FSHS charges fees for uncancelled appointments and certain services. After the change there will be no longer separate service fees and FSHS will charge fees only for uncancelled appointments.

Who is entitled to use the services?

Since 1.1.2021 under new legislation all degree students in higher education who have registered as attending students for a particular term will be entitled to use FSHS services:

– university students, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (also international degree students)

– students at universities of applied sciences, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (also international degree students)

– Police University College students (Bachelor’s degree)

– civilian students at the National Defence University.

However, foreign exchange students, commissioned education students, students on further and continuing education courses and students in open universities/ universities of applied sciences are not entitled to use FSHS services.


The website informing about progress of FSHS-changes is now available also in English: OSAKO will continue to follow the progress. We will also organize two events together with OYY where we inform you about FSHS and changes in it and you can ask us about the changes. They will take place on May the 17th (Linnanmaa, Tellus) and May the 19th (Kontingankas, small auditorium A2082). More information will follow later.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming changes in student health care feel free to contact the vice chair of OSAKO board Sami Luukela

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