My first Chelsea game

I have been a Chelsea fan for a long time now, and one of my dreams has been to see Chelsea home game live at the Stamford Bridge stadium. One of my main reasons why I chose London as the place where I want to do my exchange studies was Chelsea.

First day when I arrived to my accommodation was very nice to notice that one of my roommates, Rikard from Norway was at least as big Chelsea fan as. I also met Tristan who is from United States who was also a big Chelsea fan. Rikard was able to get our group tickets to Carabao League Cup game Chelsea – Grimsby Town FC on Wednesday 25. Of September. Besides the three of us we got three more friends to go to the game with us, Hampton who is also from United States, Simon who is from Sweden and Rikard’s friend Andreas from Norway. Hampton and Simon were not actually Chelsea fans, at least yet, but were also interested in football and wanted to go watch the game. Andreas is Liverpool fan but is always interested in going to see any football game.

The tickets were on their way and now the waiting started. Everyone was very excited about the upcoming game, but little nervous about the tickets because they were ordered on Sunday and game was on Wednesday. It was Tuesday and the tickets were not arrived yet, everyone was getting little anxious. But fortunately, Wednesday morning there was an envelope with Chelsea logo on Rikard’s mailbox, the tickets arrived just in time.

Game was starting at 19:45 that Wednesday, all of us were in school until 17:00. After school we jumped into bus and headed back to our apartments. We met at our kitchen. We took few beers and Rikard was playing and teaching everyone Chelsea chant songs to get everyone ready for the game. After that the journey to Stamford Bridge started. We went to the nearest train station where we took train to Wimbledon, and there changed to underground to Fulham. We had two seats next to each other and four next to each other, so Rikard who got the tickets, chose his place, and then shuffled the tickets and everyone picked one randomly, so it was fair for all. There were many other Chelsea fans on that train too, the excitement was getting bigger and bigger. Then suddenly the train stopped, and we were already little late on our schedule. Everyone was getting anxious again, will we make it to the game on time. Time has passed, and we were still stopped. Then we hear a voice, train will leave shortly. We get to the Fulham station at 19:25, only 20 minutes until kick-off, we are trying to get there as fast as we can. I wanted to buy a scarf and shirt before the game, but I had to forget that, now the main thing is just get there in time.

There are thousands of people walking to the Stamford Bridge. Now I am starting to feel the energy and the atmosphere. So many people that are cheering for the same team. I have never seen that before. I am from a town of 3000 inhabitants and the football is not that big there, so, usually games are watched alone at home or with few good friends. First time I can feel the power of thousands of people who are cheering the same team than me around me. Then we arrive at Stamford Bridge, I can see the stadium with my own eyes, that was a dream come true, finally I made it there to see my first game.

Clock is 19:35, we have ten minutes to get into our seats. We are looking for the shortest line in, but all of the lines seem quite long. We just go into the shortest we find and hope we will get there in time. Finally we got inside and to our seats, just in time for the kick-off! Our seats are right behind the goal where Chelsea is attacking in the first half, the best possible seats I could have hoped for. Everyone was standing and cheering and singing the Chelsea chant songs, and we joined them.

 “Carefree, Wherever we may be, We are the famous CFC” we sing and clap.

On the first half Chelsea gained lead with scores 3-1 with goals from Ross Barkley, Michy Batshuayi and a penalty by Pedro right before end of the first half, Matt Green was able to make the only score for Grimsby at the first half.

Second half was even more lively, Chelsea made it to 7-1! Four goals in the second half. First the defender Kurt Zouma scored, then Chelseas own academy player Reece James. At 86th minute Bathsuayi scored his second one and right before the end of the game, my own favourite Chelsea player on the current team, Callum Hudson-Odoi scored, in his first Chelsea game after being away five months because of injury.

The fans stood and cheered through the whole game. The British football culture is so intense and passionate, it is almost like a religion to the fans. The team you support is like a big family. Loaning the words from Chelsea chant song again “Carefree, Wherever we may be, We are the famous CFC” where ever in the world you go, another Chelsea fan you meet, is a friend and family,

“Blue is the colour, football is the game, we’re all together, and winning is our aim, so cheer us on through the sun and rain Cos Chelsea, Chelsea is our name”.

Here you can see how passionate and unifying football is. Football is not just a sport, it’s a way of life.

After the game we finally have time to see if the Chelsea Megastore is still open, and fortunately it is! I can get my scarf and shirt, Callum Hudson-Odoi shirt of course. I first can’t decide should I buy the away white kit or black third kit. I am standing there and thinking wich one I should buy. Suddenly I feel someone pulling my shirt, I see little boy in a wheelchair, he asked what I am doing there. I said I can’t decide wich colour shirt I want to get. He looked me for a while and then said black would suit you very well. I laughed a bit, thanked the boy for his advice and bought the black shirt.

Because it was my first match, I was taking videos and photos all the time and was so excited to be there, now I just can’t wait for the next game so I can just relax and enjoy the game.

That was my experience of my first Chelsea game, and definitely not last!

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