Student card and membership benefits

What is a student card?

As a member of Student Union OSAKO, you can get the SAMOK student card, which is also the OSAKO membership card. The card proves that you are a student, and therefore entitled to student discounts.

You can order the student card after you have officially accepted your study place and Oulu UAS has added your information into their student register. As a student of Oulu UAS, you can get the student card only from OSAKO. The card is valid when there is a valid academic year /semester sticker on it. The sticker is a proof of your student union membership.

When you join OSAKO for the first time, you pay for the card and for the membership, which includes the valid semester sticker. In the following years you will only need to renew your membership and pay for the new sticker. Autumn semester stickers are valid until the end of next January, spring semester stickers until the end of next September, and academic year stickers until the end of following year’s September.

First-year students also get a culture voucher, provided by the City of Oulu. With the voucher you can visit cultural institutes of Oulu (theatre, museums) for a very affordable price or even for free. In addition, ESN Oulu offers all new exchange students a complimentary goodie bag. The bag includes a map, useful information about services and events for exchange students and a prepaid sim-card. You can get the bag at the joint orientation event or pick it up afterwards at OSAKO’s office.

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Tältä näyttää osakolaisen opiskelijakortti

Terms for the student card


You are studying for a Bachelor or Master’s degree in a university of applied sciences.


You have enrolled as an attending student for the current academic year / semester.

Union membership

You join the student union of your university of applied sciences.

Student benefits

Eating, drinking, traveling, sports – there is a lot when it comes to student card discount benefits! The best part is that in addition to dozens of local benefits, several befits are also national. Benefits of the student card are listed on this page.

Although the discounts are an awesome benefit, remember that your membership is way more than just a student card! Learn more about what OSAKO does and how you can get involved.

Specialized stores
Culture and events
Beauty and health
Sports and wellbeing
Student card benefits
OSAKO Exclusive
OSAKO’s benefits
Lakeuden Optiikka

-15% from eyeglasses

Raahen kuntoklubi

Gym 1 month 35€, 2 months 95€, 6 months 180€, 12 months 350€. 1 time  7€, 10 times (valid for 3 months) 40€.

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka

| Swimming or gym 5,50€, (10 times 41€ and 50 times 174€) | 30-day tickets: swimming 38,50€, gym 32€

Pattijoen Urheilijat (Finnish baseball)

Game tickets 8€. (norm.12€), season ticket 100€


– 10 % discount

Raahe-opisto (education centre)

– 30 % discount from course prices

Kahvila-konditoria Häggman

– 10 % discount from products that are eaten in the cafe

Näkökeskus Oulainen

– 20 % discount.

Oulainen swimming center Lähde

Single ticket 4€
Serial tickets: 10 times / 35€, 20 times / 60€

Oulaisten 1-kuvaamo

Pass photos 10€ (normal price 15€)

Urheilu Pajala

– 10 % discount (weapons and bikes not included)

Clas Ohlson

With student card 10 % discount from all products. Discount is not granted from gift cards.


10% discount with student card from normal priced products

Kuudes Maku

10% discount from all products with student card

ATK-Pikatukku Oulu Oy

With student card 10 % discount from all products in the store.
5 % discount from ink cartridges

Merimaaria Oy

With studentcard 10 % discount from normal priced products


All decoration products – 10 %


Changing discount with studentcard


With student card 5% discount from service work and normal priced products


With student card 10% discount from normal priced products

Oulun joukkoliikenne

Season ticket (30 days): students under 24 years get the young adult price, students over 24 yeras get the same price: first purchase has to be done in Oulu10.

Bicycle workshop Laihiainen

With student card discount on replacement parts

LCC-Rent Autovuokraamo (car rental shop)

With student card 10 % discount from over 8 hour car rental


With student card 10 % discount on normal priced products

Finnkino Plaza

30 % discount with student card from normal priced movie tickets Mon-Fri before 5pm.
20% discount with student card from normal priced movie tickets Mon-Fri after 5pm.
10% discount with student card from normal priced Event Cinema -tickets Mon-Fri.

OPS (Soccer, men, II-div.)

10€ tickets with student card at the main stand, sun stand 8€

Science centre Tietomaa

Entrance fee 11 € with student card, if only 3D-movie, then 4€

Movie theather Star

1 € discount from normal priced ticket Mon-Fri after 5pm and Sat-Sun all day

Oulu Museum of Art

Entrance fee 5€ (norm. 8€)

Oulun Lippo Pesis (Finnish baseball)

Student priced tickets with studentcard

Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Entrance fee 4€ (norm. 6€)

AC Oulu (Soccer, men, I-div.)

10€ tickets with student card at the main stand, sun stands 8€.

Oulu City Theatre & Cultural Centre Valve

Show specific discounts for students with student card

OLS Floorball

7€ tickets with studentcard

Oulu Symphony

Season concerts 10€

Northern Lights (American football)

Student priced tickets with studentcard

Oulu harness racing course

With studentcard entrance fee 3€

Oulu NMKY (basketball)

Tickets 8€

Oulun Keskus Apteekki (pharmacy)

10% discount with studentcard (no medicines)

OSAO massage service

5€ discount

M Room

Mon – Thu 10:00 – 14:00 | Student cut 25€

Hairdresser La Felicita

With studentcard -25% discount on weekdays between 11am -3pm. Other times and Saturdays -15% | Products -10 %.

Hairdresser Voguelle

10 % discount with student card

Haidresser Avant Style

– 10% discount with student card from hair cut

Hairdresser Ponnari

Mon-Fri discount -10% with student card. Doesn’t include hair extensions, hairdos or make up.

Hair dresser City Salonki

-10% discount with student card

Hairdresser Sinikka

– 10 % discount

Fuga massage therapy

15 % discount with student card

Beauty House LS-style

– 10 % discount with student card

Hairdresser Hius ja kauneus Double5

With studentcard Mon-Fri 11.00-14.00 10% discount from hairsalon services

Beauty and nail salon Spinella

– 10 % discount with student card. Doesn’t include permanent pigmentation.

Studio Uleåborg

With studentcard 10% discount (not extensions)

Hair store Sitruuna

-10% discount with student card


With studentcard 10% discount

Hair Studio Oulu

Men’s haircut with studentcard 16 € (norm. 18 €)

Oulu hall

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)


With studentcard discount from tennis, badminton, squah, racketball, ping-pong: 1€ discount per 1 hour

Linnanmaa exercise hall

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)

Kylpylä Eden spa

Spa with studentcard 12 € (norm. 18€) | Spa with studentcard AND S-card 10 €

Oulu Bowling Hall

Mon – Fri 08:00 – 16:00  15 €/h/course

Sports Hall of Oulu

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)


With studentcard  2 € discount from hour price

Oulu swimming pools (Raksila and Raatti)

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)
Swimming (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)

Exit Oulu

With studentcard 5 € discount / person from all games


With studentcard gamebuffet 5 € (norm. 6 €) | Discount valid only Mon – Fri

Jatuli Sports Centre

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)


With studentcard a game 8 € (norm. 9,5 €)

Snooker Time

With studentcard 19:00-01:00 tablerent 5 € /h (norm. 6 € /h)

Oulunsalo Sports Centre

Gym (1 time) 3,20 € (norm. 5,50 €) | 10 times 25 € (norm. 45 €) | 1 month 25 € (norm. 45 €)

Oulun Naisvoimistelijat (Women gymnastics)

With studentcard limitless access to every gymnastic exercises groups 70 € (norm. 80 €)

Vorelli Sports Hall

1 month 20€, 3 months 40€, 6 months 60€


10% discount from gym prices with student card

Fitness centre Kunto Ykkönen

1 time 8€, 10 times 54€, 20 times 89€, 1 month 52€ (incl. gymnastics & gym)


Gym membership 24€/month, 10 times/69€

CrossFit Oulu

With student card 15% discount

Sports Centre Performance

1 time 8€, 10 times 40€, 1 month 26€

K-Supermarket Pekuri / K-Supermarket Hovihalli

5% student discount on groceries with student card. Doesn’t include alcohol, cigarettes or infant formulas. Can’t be combined with other discounts.

Cafe Rooster

With student card 10 % discount from coffee, food portions and products in showcase. Brunch 19 euros.

Sticky Wingers

With studentcard 15 % discount from food portions, drinks and alcoholic beverages. No discounts from gift cards and cigarettes.

TUBA – Food and lounge

With studentcard Tuba’s Student Special Mon-Fri 10:30-14:00. Including day’s soup, salad, bread & butter, water/juice and coffee or tea 6,5 €
10% discount from all foodportions, also from burgerbuffee and Saturday brunch
Coffee/tea 2 € | Cider 4,5 € | Beer 4,5 € | Long drink 4,5 €

Flavour Palace

0,50€ discount with student card from buffet

Göreme pizza & kebab (only in Höyhtyä)

With studentcard 10 % discount from food portions

Pizzeria Fratelli

With studentcard 1 € discount from food portions

Pizzeria La Festa

With studentcard 10 % discount from food portions

Pizzeria Cantina

With studentcard 1 € discount from large soda and large beer
10 % discount from pizza from Wed to Thu

Wood Bar

With student card: tap beer (III) 0,5 l 4,20€, tap beer (IV) 0,5l 4,40€, laku and lökö shots 3€. Happy hour beer 3,5€ and different drinks 5€.

Restaurant Rauhala

With studentcard lunchbuffet 8,50 € (norm. 10 €) | Tap beer 0,5l / 5 € | Tap long drink 0,5l / 5€

Bar Lumo

Karjala beer 4€

Pullapirtti (bakery and cafeteria)

With studentcard 5 % discount in Oulu’s store from all normal- and kilopriced products. In Zeppeliini’s Pulla-Pirtti cafeteria 5 % discount from all bakery products and in Pattijoki’s store 5 % discount from all normal- and kilopriced products. From all stores mentioned above coffee and doughnut with topping 3 €. Café-patisserie Sofia offers a normal coffee for 2 euros with student card.


With studentcard discounts from tap-beer (Karhu) and french fries.


With studentcard 1€ discount from all tap products, and 0,5€ discount from drinks.


With studentcard 10% discount from cafeteria products (when sum total over 10€). Doesn’t include discount products.

10% student discount for all online shop products with discount code “OPPI10”


With studentcard from tap: Karjala beer 4,6% 0,5l  -1 € | Heineken extra cold 5% 0,5l  -1 € | Kozel Dark 3,8% 0,5l -1,20 € | Westons Pear 4,5% 0,33l -1,40 € | Schweinhund + Miller beer 11 €

St. Michael

With studentcard discount from all the “tap visitor” beers + Fuller’s E.B. Discounts valid everyday till 10pm.

Golden Rax Pizzabuffet

With studentcard 10 % discount from buffet

45 special

0,5 l Karjala beer 5,5 € | 0,33l Strongbow 5,5 € | 0,33l long drink 0,33l 5,5 € | Rockdisco & Studio45 entrance fee 2,5 € (Fri & Sat after live performance) + serving fee


With studentcard 10 % discount from baguettes

Cocktail Company

One euro discounts with studentcard: 0,5 l Sandels, bottled ciders, bottled beers and from all products in list


With student card buffet 9 € (norm. 9,90 €)

Pancakehouse (Pannukakkutalo)

With studentcard free coffee/tea when buying pancake

Restaurant Katrilli

With studentcard: Large tap beer 4 € | 0,33 l Long drink 4 € | Upcider 4 € | 16 cl Red- or whitewine 6 € | Fisu, Salmari, Lökö (schnaps) 3,5 € | 0,5 l Soda 2,5 € | Pizzas and kebab-portions 7 € | Foodportions from the list -10 %


Ask for studentcard discount

Little New York

With studentcard lunchbuffet 9 euros.


Brunch 18 euros (normal price 19,50), 20% discount from taco portion on Tuesday and 20 % discount from alambre portion on Wednesday.

Bakery/Café Kreema

10% discount with student card

Wanha Mestari Oulu

Ask for studentcard discount

National railways (VR)

30 % discount when travelling on long-distance trains on Basic tickets, as well as on 10- and 30-journey multi-tickets. 50% discount when travelling on commuter trains in commuter services zone area on single tickets and on 10-journey multi-tickets.

Matkahuolto (long distance buses)

50% discount from buses if traveling over 80km.

Area, Kilroy Travels ja STA Travel

Student price tickets with international student card.

Kultajousi Oy (jewellery)

Discounts of several different watches and jewellery, silvery and other gifts. Doesn’t include campaign-, sales or ordered products, Lapponia-jewellery or Rolex-, Cartier-, Breitling-, or Omega-watches. Remember to show your Student Card in Kultajousi!

Restel Hotel Group

From normal price glasses -20%. 15% discount from sunglasses.

Meals with student prices in student restaurants.
OSAKO’s events and trips

The student union organizes several events throughout the year: parties, sports events and trips. As a member of OSAKO you get a discount on the entrance fee or, in some cases, get in for free! Check out the upcoming events on our Facebook page or from our events calendar.



Finnish Student Sports Federation

Also Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) offers several benefits for students. Please see more in

Legal counseling

Lawyers Katri Mäkinen and Johanna Kenakkala offer OSAKO members legal counseling in all legal problems students might face. You can contact them either by phone or e-mail.

Lawyer Katri Mäkinen, Asianajotoimisto Katri Mäkinen Oy     
p. 040 503 9874, katri.makinen(at),

Lawyer Johanna Kenakkala, Asianajotoimisto Johanna Kenakkala
p. 040 592 2100, aajohannakenakkala(at),

In addition, OSAKO members are entitled to free legal counseling in criminal-law and family-law matters by lawyers of Wallén-Leino. Counseling is provided either on phone or via email. In case of an assignment, students  get a 10 % discount on normal-priced legal services. In many cases, students get a lawyer for court free of charge due to their economic situation.

Hallituskatu 31 A 19, 90100 Oulu
Phone: 0445159874

Other benefits

Supporting community

Student union is there to help you throughout your studies: beginning from tutoring to representing students in decision-making and by being there for you.

Solving your problems

We will help you with questions related to studying and student life. If necessary, we will guide you forward.

Discounts and benefits

With student card, you will get hundreds of local and national discounts and benefits. You can get discounts from surprising places if you just remember to show your student card.


Many traditional parties throughout your studies are organized by OSAKO. As a member, you will get cheaper tickets. If you want to, you can also influence on how the student union works – by yourself!

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