The board of executives 2020 had their organisation meeting

OSAKO’s board of executives of the year 2020 had their first meeting yesterday on 16th of December. In the meeting the board discussed the areas of responsibilities. The division of responsibilities got fairly clear, however the roles will get more precise in the beginning of next year. The board will start its term on 1.1.2020.

Upper row: chairperson of the board Anni Pirttimaa and chairperson of the body of representatives Nina Lyytikäinen
Middle row: board member Matti Koskela, vice-chair of the executive board Kristjan Rajaniemi and board member Jussi-Tapio Selkälä
Lower row: vice-chair of the board Sami Luukela and board members Hanna Ojanperä and Linnea Mustonen

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