Forms of tutoring

Guidance done by other students.

Peer support for foreign newcomers in Oulu UAS. The tutoring of the exchange students is based on an individual tutoring and the tutoring of the degree students is based on a group tutoring. The tutoring is in English.

Peer support for physical and cultural activities that enhance well-being. Well-being tutors encourage other students to engage in physical activity or to try out new forms of culture. A well-being tutor is usually a student who is a peer tutor and has attended a well-being tutoring course as well.

Also known as Callidus-tutoring, is continued tutoring after the first year of tutoring. With the help of experience tutors, tutoring is available on second and third year students as well.

Experience tutors can offer their experience-based knowledge on the subjects and various phases in the study path, such as international exchange, practical training or bachelor’s thesis.

A tutor who has more responsibilities. Each field of study in Oulu UAS has a tutor representative who is in charge of the tutor activities in their field of study. A tutor representative is usually also a board member in the field-specific student association.

The tutor representatives work together with the international coordinator, teacher tutors and OSAKO. Tutor representatives arrange tutor meetings in their campus with the international coordinator. Tutor representatives are the first people for a tutor to turn to in need of help and guidance. They also work as a link between their school and OSAKO.

What is student tutoring?

Student tutoring is peer tutoring. Student tutors are students themselves and they are tutoring other students on a voluntary basis. Student tutor is usually a second or higher year student.

Tutoring is a part of Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ study counselling. Student tutoring focuses on engaging students to their studies, helping new students grouping with fellow students and on making studying in Oulu UAS more enjoyable. Student tutoring is coordinated by the Student Union OSAKO.

Student tutoring is the most active at the beginning of studies. Tutors are the first link a new student has to Oulu UAS. Tutors welcome new students, tutees, brief them into studying at Oulu UAS and help them adapt to their new life situation. As a result of tutoring, the adjusting process to cultural and other differences is easier. Tutors can also be of assistance in controlling studying skills and by providing support during a hard course.

Become a tutor

Every year new students need new volunteers to become a tutor. Everyone who studies in Oulu UAS can apply to be a tutor and participate in tutor training. International tutors guide exchange students and international degree students. The tutoring is done in English.

Foreign students need other students to help them cope with their studies and student life. As an international tutor you will be a friend and a guide. You might be the first person a foreign student learns to know in Finland, and it is your job to make sure that the student gets settled in comfortably and easily.

For you, tutoring is an amazing opportunity to develop your group guidance and performing skills. Tutoring is a great way to to socialize, and as a bonus you can apply study credits after your tutoring has ended. As an international tutor you are entitled to take part in the study course Y00027E International tutoring (3cr). If you continue your tutoring for one more year, you get 5 credits from the Comprehensive Student Tutoring course. You can apply the credits after finishing your tutoring.

Tutor recruiting is open in the spring!

Become a tutor by filling an application:

Tutors’ work term is one academic year. In return, tutors get a tutor t-shirt and tutor badge, which are a sign for new students that you are a tutor. Also, as an international tutor, you gain new friends, learn to know different cultures, get international work experience and improve your language skills.

OSAKO arranges for all active tutors a “Little Christmas” party and a spring get-together-evening, where one tutor is selected as an International Tutor of a Year.

Ask more information from your tutors, your field’s tutor representative and OSAKO’s board member responsible for tutoring.

Apply to be a tutor in February.
I want to become a tutor
I already became a tutor, and would like to continue

If you are a new tutor, fill out the application here:

Application period is in February

International tutor training takes two days. Trainings are during weekdays in the afternoon.

Fill out the application for continuing tutor:

Application period is in February

Application period for continuing tutors is also in February, but you can let theboard member responsible for tutoring know if you are available for tutoring during the year.

Tutor training and meetings

International tutoring
Virtual training

Training for international tutors

International tutor trainings is for students who want to tutor new international students. In international tutor training international tutors learn the basic skills and get the basic knowledge on how to properly tutor. Training materials are also in the Moodle platform (coming).

International tutor training takes two days. Trainings are during weekdays in the afternoon.

Fall meetings

  • International tutor’s fall meeting
  • Prechristmas party for all the tutors

Spring meetings

  • International tutor’s spring meeting
  • Get-together evening for all the tutors in Walhalla

Also tutor representatives in your student organization and Oulu UAS international services organize tutor meeting in your campus.

Student union recommends that you take part in actual tutor trainings in the spring. For a good reason you can do your tutor trainings virtually in Moodle platform.

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