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Day trip to Hailuoto Island

14.9.2019 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

For the first time ever, ESN Oulu and OSAKO are going to Hailuoto Island on a day trip! Hailuoto is a big island in front of Oulu located in the northern Baltic Sea. The nature is unique there in the archipelago – you won’t see anything else like this anywhere else in the world! Hailuoto is one of the national landscapes in Finland: the national landscapes represent the special environmental and cultural features of the country. National landscapes have great symbolic value and widely recognised significance in cultural and historical terms, or in the popular image of nature. Hailuoto on a map: https://goo.gl/maps/PD6fhsHN7Po56z9z5

We will go to Hailuoto with a bus, so prepare to have 15 euros in cash with you so that you can pay for the bus. ESN Oulu and OSAKO will offer everyone a little snack during the day, but if you want to have more to eat, take them with you.

When going to Hailuoto, we must use a ferry. That is why it is important, that everyone be on time when we are leaving. If you are late, the bus doesn’t wait (because the ferry won’t wait anyone).

SIGNING UP FOR THE TRIP: http://bit.ly/daytrip_hailuoto_2019 (56 people will fit in with us)


8:45 Meeting everyone at Oulu Bus Station
9:00 Bus is on the move
10:00 Ferry to Hailuoto Island leaves
11:00 Arrival to Marjaniemi, Hailuoto
11:00-14:00 Strolling around Marjaniemi beach and surrounding forest + campfire
14:15 Leaving from Marjaniemi to Hailuoto village
14:30 Exploring Hailuoto village (there are art galleries, brewery, church…)
16:00 Leaving back to Oulu
16:30 Ferry to mainland
17:30 Back in Oulu Bus station

Any questions or something else? Contact OSAKO (elli.tervo@osakoweb.fi or +358 50 317 4935) or ESN Oulu (info@esnoulu.org)


9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Ihanaa olla osakolainen!